The Company

Leveltec Oy is a telecommunications company that has been involved in this line of business for almost twenty years. The company is specialized in planning and manufacture of special communications systems and remote surveillance/control systems.

All these years, Leveltec Oy has paid special attention to product development, due to which the share of our own products in the trade turnover exceeds 90%. Continuous development ensures long service time, and due to our own maintenance services we can offer guarantee at a reasonable pricing.

Our main products include SL1000 multiple communications system, CCS-2000 guard call system, and PROMOD GSM systems. 15-20% of our production is exported. The CCS-2000 guard call system has been warmly welcomed by numerous prisons and police facilities in Finland.

Our systems are used at the prisons of Helsinki, Oulu, Vaasa, Sukeva, Hämeenlinna, Konnunsuo, Mikkeli, Naarajärvi, and Köyliö, as well as at the court and police buildings of Jyväskylä and Pieksämäki. The new Vantaa prison opened in April 2002 is also equipped with CCS-2000 system of Leveltec Oy. Our experience is also indicated by the fact that the rescue department of the city of Helsinki uses VSS-2000 public alarm device control system, which includes a complete solution for the control of high-output alarm devices.

Leveltec Oy

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E-mail: leveltec(at)

CEO Jarkko Liiman
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Meeri Seisko
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Veini Mäkinen
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