We are specialized in planning and manufacturing special communications systems and remote surveillance/control systems.

Few of our products

Guard Call System

Rugged and secure call system for prisons and police facilities. Suitable for e.g. guard calls, emergency and general announcements, listening to radio and programme channels, and controlling and resetting of signalling lights.

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Quick Call System

SL1000 Mark II and SL1000 Compact quick call systems are fully electronic microprocessor-controlled internal communication systems.

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Population Alert Devices Control System

VSS-2000 is a complete solution for control of high-power alert devices. Our offer includes planning, manufacture and installation of the devices, as well as comprehensive training for personnel.

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Our expertise

  • Alert systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Communication systems
  • Popuöation alert systems
  • Remote operating systems

Our customers

  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Police Stations & Courthouses
  • Fire Services
  • Municipalities and Cities
  • Households

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