Remote control device / alarm unit utilising GSM technology

PROMOD GSM III is multipurpose remote control centre developed and manufactured by Leveltec Oy

Guard Call System

CCS-2000 guard call system is a rugged and secure call system for prisons and police facilities, which is suitable for e.g. guard calls, emergency and general announcements, listening to radio and programme channels, and controlling and resetting of signalling lights.

Communication System

Voice messages transmitted through any of the terminals are transferred to all terminals of the system. Before speaking, press down the send-button on the terminal (or handset) and release the button afterwards, in order to hear the possible answer.

Impulse Collection System

The device is modular – assembled from different cards in accordance with the purpose of use. In addition to CPU, line connection, and power cards, the housing also holds two I/O cards; thus, the capacity is 18 input channels.

Quick Call System

SL1000 Mark II and SL1000 Compact quick call systems are fully electronic microprocessor-controlled internal communication systems.

Remote Control System

Reliable Finnish remote control system adjusted to the local conditions.

ProMod 3
Industrial Modem

ProMod 3 is a reliable and cost-efficient V21/V23 four-wire/two-wire standard industrial modem developed and manufactured by Leveltec Oy. ProMod 3 is installation-friendly – the device is intended for on-rail installation and is equipped with detachable serial connectors. Application: e.g. remote control systems of power plants and water stations.

Pair of Quick Call Telephones

SL 1000 pair of quick call telephones consists of two respectively modified SL 1000 system terminals. The terminals of the pair do not function in the traditional SL 1000 system. Pair of quick call telephones is a cost-efficient solution if connection between two locations only is required. The pair is always tailored to the customer's needs.

Population Alert Devices Control System

If reliability and versatile functions are required, the VSS-2000 population alert devices control system is the best choice. VSS-2000 is a complete solution for control of high-power alert devices. Our offer includes planning, manufacture and installation of the devices, as well as comprehensive training for personnel.

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