ProMod 3
Industrial Modem


    Leveltec Communications - ProMod 3 - TeollisuusmodeemiProMod 3 is a reliable and cost-efficient V21/V23 four-wire/two-wire standard industrial modem developed and manufactured by Leveltec Oy. ProMod 3 is installation-friendly – the device is intended for on-rail installation and is equipped with detachable serial connectors. Application: e.g. remote control systems of power plants and water stations.

Technical information

    Promod 3 modem traffic is controlled by RTS signal or launched by data input. The modem also has the so-called RTS monitoring function. If the RTS signal remains active for unusually long time, the modem turns itself off, thus not supporting possible other data traffic in the same line. Comprehensive indicator lights allow following of the device's operation. The modem has an integrated test program, which allows e.g. testing of the device's operation and setting of RTS signal activation time.

Technical specification:

    • size 45 x 105 x 75 mm (l x k x s)
    • power supply 10...30 V DC
    • power consumption approx. 70 mA
    • data connection RS-232
    • overvoltage protection
    • on-rail installation (DIN rail)

ProMod 3 instructions

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