Quick Call System

1. General

    SL1000 Mark II and SL1000 Compact quick call systems are fully electronic microprocessor-controlled internal communication systems.

1.1. SL1000 Mark II

    Leveltec Communications - SL1000 pikapuhelinjärjestelmäSL1000 Mark II system is a modular system based on a mainframe to which 2… 64 call terminals can be connected. 1...7 mainframes form a centre, to which up to 448 terminals can be connected. If larger systems are required or if sub-centres are to be placed in e.g. different buildings, several centres can be interconnected through a hub centre. PCM technique employing time division is used as the connection technique, enabling a large number of simultaneous call connections. In each mainframe, the functions, connections, and traffic between mainframes is controlled by a microprocessor.

1.2. SL1000 Compact

    SL1000 Compact centre is placed in a compact wall-mounted housing and intended for small quick call systems including max. 32 call terminals. The smallest centre size is 4 interfaces and expansion step is 4 as well. Space-division connection technique is employed, and the system includes 3 speech channels (enough for the available number of terminals) and 1 music channel. Same call terminals are used in case of both SL1000 Mark II and SL1000 Compact systems. There are 10 different types of call terminals. Duplex data transmission between the centres and call terminals enables the use of digital display. Digital display allows displaying of the number of calling or receiving terminal, call requests, time of day, return times, and other message codes.Programmability renders both systems flexible and adjustable to the customer's needs.

2. Functions

    (Functions are unavailable in case of door/gate terminals.) 

    • Numeric buttons allow dialling of any number. 'Call'-indicator is lit during call connection. The connection is voice-controlled duplex.
    • Redialling of previously dialled number.
    • One-touch dialling of numbers stored in memory; numbers can be stored from SL 1002 and SL 1008 terminals.
    • Putting of calls on hold in order to take another call. The initial connection is restored after pressing C.
    • Cancelling of connection, dialling, or sound signal.
    • Setting and cancelling of alert (A-) state. In case of alert state, the 'A' indicator is lit and the incoming call will continue to alert.
    • Answering button for answering of alert calls (A-state) and call requests/group calls.
    • PRIV button for temporary disabling of own microphone.
    • Simplex button for projectile with guide ring of own voice.
    • Group call for all mainframes.

2.1. Additional functions

    (Additional functions are available for SL 1002 and SL 1008 terminals.) 

    • Digital display showing the called number, messages left (call return number, time of return, or other code) or programmed call transferring address or message.
    • Call transfer status ON/OFF. If the function is ON, the respective indicator is lit and incoming calls are transferred to the displayed number stored in the memory. 
    • Leaving of call return request. The 'i'-indicator is lit if a return request has been stored. Number of the terminal that left the call return request is displayed. 
    • Storage of one-touch dialling and call transferring numbers. New entries automatically erase the respective previously entered numbers from the memory.
    • Storage of message (information code). To delete the code, press any button. 
    • Possibility of transferring calls put on hold. 
    • Manager-secretary connection.
    • Real time clock..
    • Alarm clock setting.
    • Leaving of messages and setting of the 'follow me'-function from any terminal.
    • Remote checking of call return requests from any terminal.
    • Priority calls.

2.2. Special functions

    Various special functions are available; these functions can be programmed at the customer's location. The functions include relay outputs, e.g. for opening of electrical locks, priority rights, automatic call transferring if the target terminal is busy, programming of call groups and restricted groups, etc. No special devices are required for programming – it is performed with the help of a usual SL-1000 table terminal. Programmed data will not be deleted from the memory even in case of power outages.

3. Connection possibilities

    The system includes e.g. the following connection possibilities: 
    • background music channels
    • paging system
    • radiotelephone system
    • flexible work time supervision system (Mark II)
    • nformation display terminal (Mark II)

    If the system is connected with the flexible work time supervision system, data about comings and goings of persons are collected, which are then used for automatic setting and updating of call terminal information codes.

    If an information display terminal is connected to the system, it is possible e.g. to display all the information codes entered in the call terminals on a single display.

4. Application

    SL 1000 system can be used e.g. as an expanded quick call system, courier call system, present/absent notification system, a part of passage control systems, and nurse call system in e.g. nursing homes. Special units and terminals can be added to the system without changing of the cabling or the centre. Possible modification of functions is performed by reprogramming of the centre.

5. Terminals

5.1. Table terminals SL 1001, SL 1002 D and SL 1002 DH

    • call connection indication: sound signal and ‘call’ indicator 
    • high-quality Elektret microphone 
    • voice volume adjustment 
    • outgoing volume fixed
    • convenient buttons, 'clicking' function
    • easy-to-use set of buttons, separate button for each function
    • user-friendly design
    • interior-adjusted colours
    • able unit is equipped with 2 m connector lead and RJ-45-plug
    • installation cable: e.g. MHS 1x4x0,5 
    • output power: max. 600 mW 
    • temperature range: 0°C...40°C

    Mechanical dimensions:
    SL1001, SL1002D SL1002DH
    width 205 mm
    height 85 mm
    depht 145 mm
    weight 0,7 kg
    width 205 mm
    height 120 mm
    depth 200 mm
    weight 0,8 kg

    Model SL 1002 DH is equipped with handset. If both callers use a handset, the connection is open duplex.

5.2. Wall terminals SL 1008 and SL 1008 H

    Leveltec Communications - SL1000 pikapuhelinjärjestelmäWall terminals SL 1008 and SL 1008 H are indoor terminals of the SL 1000 system. The terminals are equipped with displays. SL 1008 H is equipped with a handset. The terminals can be installed both on the wall surface and in a sunken manner. Face plate is made of aluminium. Installation housing type: SL 1003/8 MB. For surface installation, aluminium installation frame SL 1003/8 WF is additionally used. If necessary, the terminal can be made drip-proof with the help of a protective membrane. Features and functions are similar to those of table terminals SL 1002 D and SL 1002 DH, except that the cable is connected to serial connector of the circuit board. Cable e.g. MHS 1x4x0.5

    Mechanical dimensions:
    SL1008, SL1008H Face plate Inst. housing Inst. frame
    width 120 mm 102 mm 120 mm
    height 300 mm 270 mm 300 mm
    thickness/depth 3 mm 70 mm 74 mm
    In case of model Sl1008H, total width is 183 mm.

5.3. Industrial terminal SL 1004


    Leveltec Communications - SL1000 pikapuhelinjärjestelmäIP-class of the SL 1000 system industrial terminal is IP53. If necessary, the terminal can be equipped with additional amplifier and handset, and it has the following features:
    • P 53
    • white plastic housing
    • call connection indication: sound signal and ‘call’ indicator
    • high-quality Elektret microphone
    • outgoing volume fixed
    • rubber enclosed buttons
    • easy-to-use, separate button for each function
    • cable passage through reinforced seal 
    • connection to serial connector of the circuit board (similarly to SL 1008)
    • output volume: 1 W max., with additional speaker 2.2 W
    • temperature range 0°C...40°C

    Industrial terminal SL 1004 has the same functions as table terminal SL 1001.

    Mechanical dimensions:
    • width 160 mm
    • height 260 mm
    • depth 105 mm

5.5. Passive terminal SL 1013


    Leveltec Communications - SL1000 pikapuhelinjärjestelmäThe terminal SL 1013 is a passive terminal of SL 1000 system. Passive terminals are not equipped with a call button; therefore, they can only be used for answering incoming calls. Passive terminal SL 1013 is intended for indoor wall installation. An additional 8-ohm speaker can be connected with the terminal. If the additional speaker is used, the terminal's own speaker must be disconnected, and the additional speaker is to be connected to the same connectors located within the terminal.

    The cable is lead through the lower edge or the bottom of the terminal and connected to serial connector of the circuit board. Cable e.g. MHS 1x4x0.5. 
    • output volume: max. 1 W 
    • (with additional speaker 2.2 W)
    • temperature range 0°C...40°C

    Mechanical dimensions
    • height 188 mm (ilman läpivientiä)
    • depth 41 mm
    • width 110 mm

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