Population Alert Devices Control System

If reliability and versatile functions are required, the VSS-2000 population alert devices control system is the best choice.

VSS-2000 is a complete solution for control of high-power alert devices. Our offer includes planning, manufacture and installation of the devices, as well as comprehensive training for personnel.

VSS-2000 control room equipment consists of a PC and traffic units and substations connected to it. Control room software is based on Windows NT multiprocessing operating system, where the graphic and user interfaces are implemented using Wonderware In Touch control room software. Since the system is based on Windows, it can connect through PC networks to other systems of the facility.

In order to communicate with substations, e.g. stationary wire connection, Tetra network (Virve) or both can be used; in the latter case, one of the connections functions as a back-up connection.

In addition to normal command mode, map-based station plans with addresses can be introduced into the system. For audible alerts, the system includes "voice message database”, from which the best suitable voice message can be selected by clicking the mouse button. For example: "This is a system test signal – no protection measures are required from the population ".

Alert device functions

    Selection of alert devices
    • entire town
    • 1 or more protection circuits
    • single alert devices
    • all possibilities stated above
    Voice control
    • pre-recording of messages, listening to the messages
    • sending of pre-recorded messages to selected alert devices
    • messages spoken directly into the microphone,
    • for single alert devices or selected device groups
    • completed alert activities
    • uncompleted alert activities
    • partly completed alert activities
    • failure alerts, message network alerts
    Alert device maintenance and failure monitoring
    • monitoring of the functioning of alert device amplifier
    • monitoring of the status of data connections 
    • (counter of connection failures)
    • control of alert device power supply
    • monitoring of population traffic at alert device location
    • ubstation control unit log 
    • (records last 500 events)

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